How to See Kaazing in Action

Thursday, 16 May 2013 by

In addition to the demos included with the Gateway, we have several demos we have made available to demonstrate the power of Kaazing. You can visit to see all our demos. Below we will highlight a few of them. The Racer and The Frogger are two demos we have already highlighted in our description

Before you build your first real time living web application, it’s always a good idea to review architectural patterns and best practices. There are seven patterns for building real time applications that will show up again and again, so it’s a good idea to master them ahead of time. Here is a short summary of

In order to help you get started, below is a set of links that will point you to the best documentation pages and blogs to get you productive as quickly as possible. Please make sure you are downloading the right edition by first reading <getting started with Kaazing>. Downloading To download Kaazing XMPP Edition, please

Support for real time messaging in web and mobile applications has become so important that in the last few years, a number of real time data services have sprung up to meet the need. These data services run in the Cloud and support a multitude of applications and different users at the same time. You