Real-Time Interactions with Physical Objects Over the Web

Inspired by the Racer Demo, this demo showcases how physical objects, like the Raspberry Pi can be integrated with real-time messaging over the Web. You can use your connected Web browser to control this RC car, from as far as another continent. In this experiment, we got rid of the radio control circuitry and replaced it with the Raspberry Pi/WebSocket-based remote control. You can control the car by driving it forward, backward, left, and right. You can also turn the front light on and off. When the car boots up, it performs an end-to-end self testing. If the test is successful, you see the lights turn on and off, and the front wheels turning left and right.

  • Raspberry Pi controls a physical object based on control messages received from a smartphone
  • Raspberry Pi runs Java code to connect to a WebSocket server
  • 100% automated self-testing
Interacting with Physical Objects
Interacting with Physical Objects
Interacting with Physical Objects
Interacting with Physical Objects
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