Building real-time functionality on top of HTTP can be a real chore and requires unprecedented server power. That’s because HTTP was never designed to support push/pull messaging. So stop trying to put a square peg in a round hole and instead leverage Kaazing’s many developer benefits by choosing the right architecture on top of WebSocket.

Live Web Communication

  • Stop coding within the confines of the HTTP protocol and unleash the full potential of advanced messaging protocols
  • Write one HTML5 application and leverage in all browsers, even those that don’t support WebSocket



Simplified & Unified Architecture

  • One server-side application serves clients on all platforms: mobile, browsers, .NET, Java
  • No need for complicated web infrastructure, the gateway provides everything


Legacy Web Versus Living Web


simplified unified structure

Massively Scalable & Performance Optimized

  • From prototype to full scale production in minutes
  • No coding required to scale to millions of users
  • Simple configuration to get load balancing and fail over

Unsurpassed Security

  • Leverage powerful and simple to use Single Sign On APIS
  • SSL Encryption out of the box
  • Security model is the same across all types of clients and networks
  • No need for write special coding for emulation


protected gateway

Rapid Development & Ease of Integration

  • Leverage simple APIs for advanced real-time functionality
  • Pick the best protocol for the job that makes coding elegant, fast and easy
rapid development

Mobile Cross-platform Support

  • Same APIs across HTML5/JavaScript, iOS and Android
  • Same server back-end serves all mobile clients without the need for special code or special infrastructure
cross platform

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